4 Features to consider for a bespoke staircase design

Interior trends come and go, so when constructing a long-term fixed structure such as a staircase it’s important to select a design that’s stylish, but also has longevity.

With over 10 years experience in bespoke staircase design, we consider some of the current top staircase trends that will still look stylish for years to come. 

1. Glass

It comes as no surprise that demand for contemporary glass staircases has grown over the past few years. Glass allows through natural light, lifting even the darkest of hallways. Choose from large panes or individual spindles.

2. Natural oak

Not only is the style of natural oak soft, sleek and totally timeless, but the hardiness of the wood means it is extremely long-lasting. Provided the wood is properly treated at installation, your bespoke oak staircase will look brand new for years to come. 

3. Feature bottom step

Add contrast to your staircase design with a feature bottom step. For grand designs try a curved curtail that wraps around the newel (bottom post) or a squared off finish for a more contemporary feel. 

The easiest and most economical way to achieve this look though is to add a hardwood step at the bottom of a carpeted staircase.  

4. Understair storage

Long gone are the days of a walk-in dumping ground under the stairs. Choose from built in display shelving, cupboards, drawers, slide out units - or even a mixture of all four! 

If you’re in the process of building a property or are looking to revitalise your existing home with a new bespoke staircase, please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation.