5 Things to consider when laying out a new kitchen

The aim of a great kitchen design is to create a functional and comfortable room, whilst also making the most of the space available.

If you’re looking to replace the kitchen in your home, but don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of five essential points to get you thinking about the layout of your new bespoke kitchen design.

1. The working triangle

Developed in the early twentieth century, the ‘Working Triangle’ is a kitchen design concept that suggests the kitchen’s three main work areas - the sink, the fridge/freezer and the cooker - should all form a triangle.

The theory states that each point of the triangle should be between 4ft and 9ft away from each other, whilst the total sum distance of the triangle should be between 13ft and 26ft. This should create a space where the three main components are close enough to each other that you can work efficiently, but further enough away that it doesn’t create bottlenecks.

This tried and tested concept is over 100 years old and is still very popular today. However, whilst it’s a great starting point you shouldn’t feel bound to the working triangle. Don’t sacrifice extra features and appliances just for the sake of a few extra steps between the three main workspaces.

2. Locate wall units near the cooker

Wall cabinets are a great way of adding extra storage to your bespoke kitchen, freeing up all important space on your worktops.

Position overhead cabinets either side of your hob to ensure easy access to all those essential ingredients whilst you’re cooking. Be conscious of lighting though and don’t overcrowd any windows with wall units as this can obstruct natural light.

3. Keep rubbish near the sink

Rubbish bins are unsightly, so it’s always nice to have them hidden away in a roll out cupboard. Just be sure to locate these close to your sink or dishwasher so that your dirty dishes don’t drip on the floor once you’ve scraped them in the bin. Likewise, you won’t want to travel far with your vegetable peelings from the sink to the bin.

4. Don’t be held back by exterior walls

Long gone are the days where hobs could only be fitted on exterior walls to allow for the installation of a monstrous ventilation system.

Pop up downdraft extractors can be installed on kitchen islands, pumping away steam and cooking smells, then seamlessly disappearing into the island unit when out of use. 

5. Make the most of dead space

Kitchens are by nature full of stuff, from cooking utensils to ingredients, and don’t forget all those gadgets  you’ve used once but can’t bear to be separated from - the soda stream, panini press, and pasta maker to name but a few! As such, you’ll want to ensure you make the most of every single bit of space in your new kitchen. 

Slim units are great for squeezing into corners or alongside short walls, and are perfect for storing things like spices, whilst extra tall cabinetry is great for small kitchens with limited floor space. 

When commissioning a bespoke kitchen from Spires Interiors there are no restrictions to the size and type of cabinetry you can choose. Our expert team of joiners and carpenters based in Colchester can design, manufacture and install the perfect combination of cabinets to maximise any space.

Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider the back of cabinet doors as hanging space, the underside of shelves for hooks and don’t forget the kick boards where you can add pull out drawers for baking trays. 

If you’re ready to start designing your dream kitchen, please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation.