5 top tips to make your bathroom feel bigger

When it comes to compact spaces it’s essential to utilise the space as best you can. At Spires Interiors we’re experts in the design, build and installation of bathrooms that are both attractive, and vitally, functional.  Here are 5 top tips from our Interior Designers that will help make your bathroom feel larger, airier and more comfortable.  

Back to basics

So put pen to paper and make a list of what you really need in a bathroom. You’ll obviously need the essentials such as a toilet, but do you want a bath or a shower? Enclosed shower or wet room? Single or double sink? What about storage? 

Tip - Be clever with your storage. Think about how you could incorporate custom built bathroom storage into existing features, such as below the sink, behind the toilet.

Think about colour scheme

Small bathrooms often suffer when it comes to natural light. Typically, nothing highlights how small a space is than a lack of natural lighting. To make a space feel more open you should always consider a lighter colour palate, as this gives the illusion of a bigger room. You cannot go wrong with white in a bathroom, for a clean and contemporary feel.


Mirrors really help exaggerate space and simply hanging a large mirror in a small bathroom will make it feel much bigger. This is because the reflection creates an illusion or space. Show off your personality by selecting a mirror that reflects your style - from cool and contemporary, to traditional and rustic.

Tall & thin

Take advantage of the dead space in your bathroom that you wouldn’t usually fill. Elongated furnishings will create the effect of having more space then you really do. For example, instead of the usual bulky towel rails, look for longer, thinner versions, designed to go up the walls, such as ladder shelves.

Large tiles are key

When it comes to smaller bathrooms, the bigger the tiles the better! Why? Smaller tiles mean more grout lines, which will make the space feel tight and grid-like. Wider tiles will make a bathroom feel bigger, especially if you choose light colours such as pale greys and taupes.

If you’re struggling for space and would like to utilise your bathroom better,  then please get in touch with Spires Interiors, who can make this a reality and maximise the space in your room.