Choosing your staircase spindles

The kind of spindles you choose will set the tone for your home, as the staircase is a key feature. Usually positioned in a hall, visitors, family and friends are all greeted with your staircase.

We use quality materials, whether metal, glass or wood, and take huge amounts of pride in the work that we do. We build high-quality wooden staircases, and our skilled team of joiners will craft yours to perfection.

Our experienced team will advise you which design will best suit your home and work with you to achieve the staircase of your dreams. Choosing the right spindles seems like a detail, until you realise the different styles, materials and choice available. 

Here’s an overview of what’s available and we’d be happy to discuss each one with you in more detail.

1. Traditional talks

Traditional rounded wooden spindles, plain or with intricate designs can be just the thing to finish your staircase to great effect. There’s a very good reason why these traditional staircase designs have lasted - it’s because they work! Functional, practical and stylish, they have been the standard domestic staircase stalwart for decades. If you love them, have them.  It’s your staircase and your choice.

2. Square is fair 

For many people, square wooden spindles have the edge on their round counterparts because they seem to have a little more flair and thought about them. From a joiner’s perspective, there’s something quite hypnotic about crafting identical square spindles that are straight and angled correctly or carefully carved into a chosen design. Whatever you prefer, there’s nothing boring about going square.

3. Mixing it up

Mixing up round and square wooden spindles can be a hugely effective way of adding interest and appeal to your staircase. We’re able to create pretty much any design you like and that means you can almost certainly have what you want – it’s a great feeling isn’t it.

4. On your metal

Metal spindles have literally dozens of options. Iron is usually the metal of choice for its strength and flexibility, and this will look good in homes seeking a traditional or contemporary feel.

5. Glass

Of course, some clients don’t want open staircases and prefer to have glass, etched or plain, opaque or transparent, to complete the look. Highly contemporary, this will bring a light and airy feel into your home and a touch of the wow to your hallway.

Spires Interios plan and design your staircases with you, taking into account your budget, space and any other requirements. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with our clients to help you bring your dream staircase to life to the absolute best of our ability and advice.

For an initial discussion about how we can make a real feature of your staircase, please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation.