Christmas Interior: Decorating on a Budget

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are getting in the spirit of Christmas and are thinking about decorating our homes with festive decorations. Some are preparing to dig the tree out from storage, untangle lights and sort through the mountain of baubles that have accumulated over the years. Whilst others may be starting their decor collection from scratch or simply fancy freshening up their Christmas decorations in a cost-effective manner. For many people, the festive season is about getting cosy, catching up with loved ones and taking time to do things you enjoy. So, we understand why it may be important for you to ensure that your home is ready for the upcoming season. Whether you prefer the minimalist look or you love to go all out, here are some simple and cost-effective ways to make your home feel cosy and festive… 

Let there be light

As the temperature drops and the evenings stay darker for longer, you’ll most likely want your home to feel like a warm, inviting space. A space where you can relax and unwind, entertain guests or snuggle up with loved ones to watch festive films. Lighting can really help to change the mood and atmosphere of your space. Keen on making your home as cosy as possible? We’d recommend steering clear of bright white lights or blue-tinted lighting. Instead, opt for soft yellow lighting that creates a warm glow. Rather than letting all of your lighting come from one source, turn off the main ceiling lights and use table lamps and candles. If you’re worried about forgetting to blow the candles out or you have little ones, then you could purchase some battery operated candles for a cosy touch without the safety hazard. Fairy lights are a must-have during the festive season (and all year round). Fairy lights, also referred to as string lights, are second to none in creating a magical, comforting atmosphere. 

It’s time for a winter clean 

As the new year approaches, feelings of nostalgia are likely to arise. It’s often a time spent reflecting and reminiscing about the past year. It’s also a time to look ahead and plan for the coming year. Longing for a fresh start? You might find that decluttering and getting organised puts you in great stead for the new year. If you’re not quite ready to part with much, then why not consider investing in some new storage solutions? Made-to-measure storage will be designed to suit your exact needs and requirements. Bespoke storage solutions are not only practical and great organisation tools, they’re also super stylish too. 

Up-cycle old Christmas decorations 

If your Christmas collection simply needs a little refresh, then why not try to up-cycle some of your old decorations? Now is the perfect time to let your imagination and creativity flow. From coating baubles in paint and glitter to turning old Christmas cards into hanging decorations, the options are endless.

Festive soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great way of making your home feel warm and snug. If you use the right colour palette, you can make them festive too! Cream, dark green and deep reds are widely recognised as Christmas colours. However, they can be used all year round too. So, you might decide to invest in throws, cushions and rugs in these shades. If you’d rather not splash the cash on furnishings, then why not try to make your own? You could try to knit your own cushion covers and blankets. You never know, you might even discover you’ve got a hidden talent! 

Christmas wreaths and paper baubles 

Wreath making is a popular pastime during the festive season. You’ll most likely find that there are places in your local area that are hosting this activity. If you’d rather get creative at home, then there’s plenty of videos and articles that will demonstrate how to make your very own Christmas wreath. You’ll find that there are also many how-to videos that will show you how to create showstopping paper baubles that you can hang in your home. 

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