How to Refresh Your Home with Bespoke Storage Solutions

Creating a clutter-free, organised space can completely change the way you think, and feel, about your home. Over the past 18 months, an increasing number of homeowners have found themselves reaching for their paint brushes and tool boxes in a bid to transform their homes. From turning a spare bedroom into an impressive cinema room to revamping the garden shed into a stunning home office, the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your property. 

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to see the potential in your home, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and lack of space. Investing in bespoke storage solutions can help to breathe new life into your home. Whilst it may seem like a relatively simple solution, you’ll more than likely find that the smallest changes can often make the biggest difference. 

Here at Spires Interiors, we’re experts at helping clients transform their homes. We specialise in providing stylish, made-to-measure solutions that utilise every inch of space and fit in seamlessly with your interior choices. 

Work out what you need 

A useful starting point is to work out where you could benefit the most from made-to-measure storage. Is your bedroom sporting a not-so stylish floordrobe? Or perhaps, you’re fed up with tripping over shoes strewn across the entrance hall floor and your bannister being piled high with coats? Everyone’s needs are different. Bespoke furniture and storage solutions can ensure that your individual needs are catered for. 

Say goodbye to awkward angles

Make tight spots and awkward angles a problem of the past with made to measure storage solutions! By working with skilled joinery specialists, you’ll be able to ensure that each and every inch of available space is utilised. As well as gaining an incredible amount of storage space and potentially adding value to your home, furniture designed specifically for a room looks extremely stylish!

Furniture tailored to your taste 

When you think of storage solutions, your mind might be tempted to go straight to standard flatpack furniture. Whilst it may be (relatively) quick and easy to assemble, flatpack furniture is often easily identifiable. Made to measure storage gives you the opportunity to be creative and ensure that your furniture is tailored to your interior preferences. You can look forward to impressing your guests as you tell them that all of your stunning furniture has been specially designed and crafted to your specifications. 

Make your home feel brand new 

From a stylish TV unit to a cleverly crafted reading nook, the options are endless when it comes to getting creative with your storage solutions. Whether you’re a fashionista in desperate need of bespoke furniture for your dressing room, a budding artist who needs help turning a bedroom into a studio complete with a made-to-measure desk and creative storage solutions, or a culinary mastermind who would love nothing more than a kitchen revamp, we can help! Investing in particular areas of your home can often make the entire property feel brand new.

Spires Interiors are proud to have a talented, experienced team that can help you tailor your space to fit with your needs and preferences. Contact us today and find out how we can help you transform your space.