How you can enjoy your conservatory all year round

Considering having a conservatory installed? Or perhaps, you’re only currently able to use the conservatory at certain times of the year and you’re wondering how you can get the most out of it all year round? We understand that it’s important to be able to use all of your home, at all times. A conservatory often provides much needed additional space and can serve many purposes. Whether you use this space as a spot to entertain guests, a den for the kids, a stylish home office or as a cosy dining space, the options are endless. So, it’s important that this area isn’t freezing and out of bounds during the winter months and that it isn’t stiflingly hot in the summer months. Below, our team has listed some of the ways you can make sure that you can use your conservatory all year round.

Can I use my conservatory all year round?

In some cases, you might already be able to use your conservatory all year round. You might be able to spend time in your conservatory and stay snug in the winter and cool in the summer. If you’ve found that there are leaks, damp patches and draughts in your conservatory, then it’s likely that you’ll need to upgrade it. To avoid wasting energy, it’s a good idea to make sure that your heating isn’t escaping. Draught excluders and draught excluding tape could be a good short term solution to help with this. In the long term, it’s likely that it’ll be beneficial to ask a professional to take a look. From replacing the roof to upgrading the doors and windows, there are several things that you can do to ensure that your conservatory is weatherproof and available for use all year round. 

Tips on keeping your conservatory warm in the winter: 

Many people are under the impression that a conservatory is a place that should be avoided as temperatures begin to dip and the colder months draw in. However, if your conservatory has been insulated well and built correctly, then there’s no real reason why you should have to not use this space. Investing in cosy, soft furnishings like throw blankets, cushions and thick curtains could help ensure that the space feels warm and inviting. Use fairy lights, candles and other home decor items to make your conservatory feel as snug as possible. If you’re worried about using candles, battery-operated ones can create the desired cosy atmosphere without the hazard. 

Tips on keeping your conservatory cool in the summer: 

Many people use a conservatory as a way of opening up their home and bringing the outside in. Whether you have chic french doors or stylish bi-folds, you can use these to get some air into the room and make sure it isn’t stuffy. Keeping windows and doors open but closing curtains and blinds can also be a way of keeping the room cool and in the shade. You could also consider changing the soft furnishings and ensuring that the room is as cool as possible. 

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