The Ultimate Kitchen Transformation Guide 2023

For a lot of people, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. From bonding over flavours and recipes to bickering about homework or chores, a kitchen is often much more than a place to prepare, cook and eat meals. Even in the smallest spaces, a kitchen is a space where many precious memories are made and moments are served. 

Often as the arrival of the new year creeps closer, the urge to transform your space grows too! Planning on embarking on a kitchen refurbishment journey in 2023? We can help! Here at Spires Interiors, we’re experienced in helping customers transform their kitchens. Our team has compiled some useful information and ideas to help you with your upcoming kitchen renovation… 

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Ideas in 2023

Is your kitchen bursting at the seams with cupboards that are overflowing and crockery that has spilled out onto the worktops? Sometimes all you need is cleverly designed storage. Our team of carpentry experts will work closely with you to create storage solutions that are tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Bespoke storage can help you ensure that you’re utilising every inch of space available while keeping your room tidy and free of clutter. From spice racks and shelving to simply hiding the kitchen bin and creating enough space for your pots and pans, we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. 

Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

It’s always a great idea to get as much natural light in as possible. If your kitchen is located at the back of your house, you could have bi-fold or sliding doors installed. This creates a seamless connection between your home and nature whilst also maximising natural lighting and looking stylish. If you have a small space with minimal natural light, you might want to consider finding ways of lighting up your kitchen. Mirrors, chrome and shiny objects can help to reflect and maximise any natural light that does enter your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting, spotlights and stylish pendant lighting look great too!

Popular Kitchen Colour Schemes 2023

In a similar way to most other interior trends, popular kitchen colour schemes tend to chop and change. So, we’d always recommend choosing a colour scheme that you like and feel would work best for your home. Here are some ideas you might like to consider… 

Stay Neutral: 

A neutral colour scheme is a safe yet stylish choice. Lighter colours can make a space feel open, airy and sometimes can even make a space look bigger than it actually is. If you’re planning on selling your property, then neutral colours might be more appealing to potential buyers as they are considered to be timeless. Here are some neutral kitchen colour schemes you might like the sound of… 


Are you a fan of the modern, minimalist look? If so, a white kitchen could be the perfect choice for you. This kitchen colour scheme looks classic, crisp and clean. The reflective nature of an all white kitchen means that your space will feel bright, airy and spacious too. If you’re a messy cook or you have a busy household, you may find that this colour scheme requires a little more attention and maintenance. 


Looking for a versatile, timeless colour to incorporate into your kitchen? Grey could be a winner. Long gone are the days of grey being considered drab or dreary! Instead, grey can actually help your kitchen make an impact. With plenty of shades to choose from, you’re likely to find one that you love. 


Beige is a neutral shade that’s easy on the eye and pairs well with lots of different colours. The warm yet neutral undertones can make a space feel inviting and welcoming. In a similar way to grey, there are plenty of different shades that you can choose from. It’s also another timeless colour too!

Earth tones 

If you’re keen on venturing away from the neutrals but don’t feel brave enough to try something bold, why not consider an earth tone? Sage green, dusky pink and wood inspired colours are all popular options. 

Be Bold: 

Want to make an impact? A bold colour scheme that stops guests in their tracks could be the perfect solution for you. After all, a kitchen is a space where you can experiment with flavours, try new recipes and create hearty meals which is why it makes sense to inject some personality into the room. So, why not have a space that reflects this? Here are some bold kitchen colour scheme ideas you might like to try…


Navy is a stylish colour scheme that makes an impact yet still oozes serenity and peacefulness. In comparison to other brighter colours, navy might seem like a safer choice. However, it's elegant and bold which will ensure that your kitchen is noticed by your guests. From crisp white to warm woods, navy will also pair well with lots of other colours too. 


An all black kitchen can look elegant, stylish and sharp. As black absorbs light, this colour scheme is likely to work best in a bigger space with lots of natural light. If you’re worried about black cabinets making a space feel too small, then you might decide to incorporate this colour into your kitchen another way. Black worktops, fixtures and fittings are a great option! Paired with white cabinets, black taps and worktops can create a stunning contrast and make a bold statement. Black countertops are also known for being easier to keep clean too.


Bring the outside in with a fresh, green kitchen! If you’re keen on being at one with nature, then a green kitchen could be an excellent option. From teal to forest tones, there are plenty of shades of green that have the potential to really make an impact. Green is also widely recognised as being a calming colour which promotes renewal and growth, making it a great choice for your brand new kitchen!

Bright colours
From sunshine yellow to pastel pink, people often decide to surround themselves with their favourite, uplifting colours! If you find bright colours can be too overpowering, then there are ways to incorporate them into your scheme without making them the focal point. 

Accessorise Your Kitchen 

From plant pots and utensil holders to picture frames and statement clocks, make your kitchen feel homely by investing in some new accessories. New accessories have the potential to completely switch up the look and feel of a room. Whether you’re keen on trying a new colour scheme or you want to switch up your style, accessories are a great place to start. If you have a kitchen-diner or an open plan space, you might decide to upgrade your existing dining table and chairs. This swap may seem simple but it’s a great way of changing the room and trying something new. 

Budget Friendly Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen in 2023: 

A Coat of Paint 

A fresh lick of paint has the potential to completely transform a room! Over time, you’ll likely find that the walls are slightly discoloured and that they’re covered with chips, fingerprints and scuffs. Freshen up your kitchen with a new coat of paint. 

Replace Fixtures and Fittings

Sometimes the simplest and smallest changes can make the biggest impact. If you’re keen on making a budget-friendly change in your kitchen, then replacing fixtures and fittings could be a great place to start. From taps and sinks to cabinet door handles, these changes can really make a difference. 

Change the Counter  

If your kitchen worktops are cracked, chipped or showing any signs of age and wear, then it might be time to replace them. Bacteria and other germs often find their way into cracks and splits in countertops, so replacing these can be the hygienic thing to do. You’ll be left with a kitchen that feels fresh and almost brand new!

Switch Up the Decor 

From blinds and curtains to plant pots and picture frames, sometimes swapping or adding small changes to the decor can make your kitchen look, and feel, brand new. If your blinds are looking a little grubby, then you might find that replacing them can help transform the space.

Upgrade Appliances 

If it’s been a long time since you replaced your kitchen appliances, then now might be the perfect time. All appliances will have a life expectancy and it’s important to be aware of these. Upgrading your appliances can also help you to have a smoother, less-stressful experience in the kitchen! 

Have you decided it’s time to give your kitchen a well deserved makeover? We can help. Here at Spires Interiors, our highly-experienced, skilled team are experts in delivering bespoke design solutions which are perfect for every type of kitchen. Whether your kitchen is on the smaller side and you’re concerned about the limited space available or you simply have no idea how to transform your space, we can help. We’re experienced in creating made-to-measure kitchens that are expertly tailored to your needs, preferences and requirements.