What’s the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

When redesigning interiors, many of us get confused as to whether we need to employ a joiner or a carpenter to help overhaul the different aspects of our homes. In this blog, we get to the bottom of each profession to help you figure out the difference, and who you should call upon for each job in your quest for your dream home.

Joiners create

A joiner is a highly trained craftsman that designs and creates furniture, fixtures and fittings by joining together pieces of wood. They generally work from a workshop and join together pieces of wood without screws of metal fasteners. It’s a job that requires a lot of training, a great deal of experience and high attention to detail.

Common jobs for joiners include:

  • Creating built-in storage and shelving
  • Design and building kitchen cabinetry
  • Creating bespoke staircases
  • Design and building bathroom cabinetry
  • Crafting doors and window frames
  • Creating bespoke furniture

Carpenters construct

Carpenters, by contrast, tend to construct and install timber structures on-site, cutting and fitting them together using a range of materials and tools. They also tend to specialise in larger elements of creating a home, like constructing and fitting roof pitches. 

Common jobs for carpenters include:

  • Construction-related timber frames
  • Repairing structures
  • Repairing fixtures made from wood
  • Fixing window frames
  • Installing cupboards and shelving

It’s not all black and white…

However, many joiners and carpenters often share the same skills and traits. At Spires Interiors, we are qualified Joiners, accredited by the Guild of Master Craftsman, and whilst our specialism is designing and building bespoke wooden interior fittings, we also have the expertise in-house to install these fittings on site. 

At Spires, you’ll also discover a keen eye for detail. Our interiors experts not only design, create and fit stunning staircases, kitchens and bathrooms, we also go the extra mile to ensure your project includes the finishing touches that transform your project into a feature that’s as unique as you are.

Now you know who to call to design, craft and install bespoke fixtures and fittings for your home, please get in touch with our team today to book a free consultation and to discuss your project.