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Transform your home with a new or refurbished wood floor, fitted and finished by our carpenters.

Bored or fed up of the carpet in your hallway, living area or bedroom? A wood floor may be a better solution. It’s time to speak to our wood floor installation experts.

When you choose a wood floor, you're choosing a floor that will last for years to come and require minimal maintenance. Wood is one of the hardest-wearing materials there is, so you need not worry about taking your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door or reaching for the cleaning products when there's a spill.

Our carpenters are seasoned wood floor installers; you could be talking just a matter of days from lifting your carpet to completing your new floor.

Choosing a wood floor

One of the fantastic features of wood flooring is that there are so many options to choose from, to suit all budgets. Popular choices include:

  • Hardwood - Real wood that can last a lifetime. It comes in many styles and can be varnished to match the colour you want. It can also be sanded down and re-varnished, which can be beneficial when selling a home.
  • Engineered wood - A veneer with a solid wood top. It is often cheaper than hardwood but has less scope for sanding and re-varnishing in the future.
  • Laminate - Manufactured flooring that is made to appear like real wood. It is the cheapest flooring solution but lasts a fraction of the time of hardwood and engineered wood.
Bear in mind that most solid wood floor, excluding laminate, will darken over time. If you prefer natural wood flooring, you should select a finish that's a couple of shades lighter than your ideal finish.

A high-quality solid wood floor can add value to your property.

Installing your floor

Depending on the size of your area, we can install and finish your wood floor in a matter of days. We have experience working with all types of flooring, including engineered wood on top of underfloor heating. 

Our wood floor installation service includes all aspects of fitting, including the underlay and architrave fitting and finishing on request.

If you're unsure about what type of wood floor you want and would like some guidance, or you're renovating a heritage property and require a like-for-like floor, we can help. We have a network of local and global suppliers we work with to ensure the best quality wood for a fair price.

Expert wood floor installation in Colchester, Essex

Looking for wooden floor installation in Colchester, Essex? Contact us for a no-obligation quote. 

Please have the size of your area to hand or let us know if you require an on-site consultation.