5 signs you need to upgrade your kitchen

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, where not only do you cook and prepare meals, but you also spend quality time entertaining and socialising. However, sometimes you can find your kitchen has gone past its use-by date with cracked tiles, squeaky cabinetry or even broken doors. Our team highlights the top 5 signs you need to upgrade your kitchen.

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Troublesome storage 

Storage is an integral part of any kitchens functionality, so much more than a traditional kitchen ever could. There are two common reasons for this, often due to a bad layout that needs some TLC or your family has grown, and now there’s no space to keep everything that you need. 

If you feel overwhelmed because of the lack of storage and how difficult it can get every day - you might want to consider adding a storage option or fixing the kitchen layout to accommodate more space. Don’t forget, you can also have hidden storage.

Doom and gloom 

Kitchens are supposed to be a warm and inviting space, but dark and gloomy lighting can make your kitchen dreary and depressing. Under-cabinet and overhead lighting can transform a drab kitchen into a sparkling social hub. 

Significant wear and tear 

A kitchen can have flaws, but there is a significant difference between a flawed kitchen and a broken one. If you have a couple of creaky cabinets here and there, that’s not a big deal if you have had the kitchen for a number of years. However, multiple cabinets falling apart, leaks and cracked tiles etc. indicate that a more extensive upgrade is needed. 

Dated decor 

Your kitchen decor goes way beyond its aesthetic appeal. It’s all about how presentable your kitchen is, and not like you have walked straight into a dated decor. In essence, a vintage look is appealing only when it’s done intentionally. Your kitchen's decor should provide value beyond the appeal, for example, the functionality of it. A kitchen designed in 2010 is not for a homeowner in 2020 where more open plan living has become a trend. 

Your kitchen no longer suits your lifestyle 

There are times when significant changes in our lives impact how we use our home. If your children have flown the nest, your kitchen may not be used as a study, business office or laundry room! Or, you may want to invest more in your passions such as baking, cooking or even entertaining at home but your current kitchen isn’t quite cutting it.. 

The bottom line 

Your kitchen is your happy space, as a homeowner, you want to walk into the kitchen and feel energised and motivated to take on your day and not feel overwhelmed. That aside, an updated kitchen increases the value of your house. If you want to sell your home in the future, you’ll see considerable returns after updating your kitchen. 

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