Transforming a bannister - Ranch rail to premium spindles

One of our favourite projects, after kitchens, is staircases, as there are so many possibilities that can completely transform the first space you see when you enter your home.
Mr & Mrs Heard wanted to update their hallway and that included changing the ranch rail-style bannister into a more contemporary and attractive handrail.
Turning wood is a very specialist craft and a skill that few really excel in, but its something our team of experienced Joiners excel in.
We took great care removing the original bannister and disposing of it correctly. We helped the client to choose premium pine, a wood that lends itself to turning and spindles because of its strength and aesthetic appeal.
We were able to work with the existing newel posts and made some really beautiful smooth ball caps for each one, to add a really thoughtful finishing touch to the whole effect.
Once the spindles had been made and installed, we then hand-painted them on-site, using satin white with a soft finish, to match the overall colour scheme of the stairwell, hall and landing.
The finished product is a really elegant, low-profile handrail that has modernised the initial feel of the property.
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