New wardrobes for a cosy fit

Fitting totally bespoke, handcrafted wardrobes into irregular shapes and eves is something we ‘re asked to do regularly, as they work so well in increasing storage, as you’re are able to use every inch of space available.
For this project, we were commissioned by Mr & Mrs Tyler to design, build and install new fitted wardrobes in two of their bedrooms. They wanted to use a wall that was hard to fit freestanding wardrobes into properly because of the low eves and to create more storage for the room overall.
The client was keen to keep the room looking quite traditional and opted for a shaker style, with soft close hinges and drawers to make the overall functionality more comfortable.
Our team took great care to measure the room properly, following the old saying: measure twice, cut once, because accuracy is absolutely critical with this sort of project.
We custom-built everything offsite from our specialist in-house workshop. The doors and drawer fronts were spray-painted in white with a satin finish, with attractive door fittings that are discrete but stylish. 
Once the units and doors were all ready, we were able to come back for the installation work, which took just shy of three days to complete for both rooms.
Mr & Mrs Tyler were thrilled with the final look, which has added so much additional storage space to their home.
Do you struggle to fit storage units into your space? Get in touch to speak to us about built-in wardrobes.