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Glass Staircase Essex Renovation Project

Bespoke glass staircases offer a simple, contemporary style with clean, defined lines and sophisticated beauty. We handcrafted this polished solid oak staircase with glass balustrade, converting the existing ranch rail staircase.

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How did we achieve this stylish look? Firstly, we veneered the strings of the existing staircase to give a luxurious oak finish. We then had to create newel pockets in the existing structure as we were unable to remove the current newels, also replacing the nosing and aprons for solid oak. Finally, we fitted the contemporary, made to measure glass panels, which are held in place by subtle brushed steel clamps. 

This stunning staircase refurbishment only took 4-days in total to install, 3-days to veneer the existing structure and add the new solid oak components, which were hand-crafted in advance at our in house workshop, then a further day to fit the glass. A tremendously quick turnaround when you consider how drastically a new staircase can change and improve the appearance of your home.

This style of staircase is increasingly popular thanks to its timeless design. Oak offers a soft, premium finish, whilst the glass panels between the handrail and base rail of your staircase renovation allow light to pour in through your home. This sleek, streamlined look is also perfect to create the appearance of a larger room as it’s so light and airy.

Most homeowners redecorate every few years, but the staircase can remain neglected and untouched for decades. Give your existing staircase a new lease of life by getting in touch with us today to discuss your ideas with our interior experts. 

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