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Bespoke staircase design & refurbishment

Our experienced team design, fabricate and install staircases in all types of home and are dedicated to creating staircases that are both striking and functional. We cater for all staircase designs, including straight, L-shaped, spiral and curved, and each project begins with a FREE consultation.

An eye for detail

We guide our customers through the design process to ensure they get a staircase that is beautiful and makes the most of available space.

Quality guaranteed 

We use local suppliers to source premium-quality wood from around the world, the most popular choice of which is Oak or Pine

Staircase refurbishment 

If you don't need a new staircase, but would like a new look for your hallway, refurbishing your existing stairs may be the solution. Transform your staircase by replacing the old bannister with timber balustrade or glass panelling. We also have experience refurbishing staircases in listed buildings.

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