Expert staircase renovation in Colchester, Essex

Is your staircase looking worse for wear? You need a renovation.

You'd be surprised at just how much overhauling your staircase changes the finish of your hallway. Adding a new bannister designed to enhance light or stripping away the paint to reveal the natural wood underneath, for instance, can completely transform a staircase.

At Spires, we frequently deliver staircase renovation projects for both new-builds and heritage properties, including Victorian terraces and large country house properties. Staircase types we often work on include:

  • Straight
  • Straight with landing
  • L-shaped
  • L-shaped Winder
  • Spiral
  • Curved
Popular renovations include stripping staircases back to their original wood, replacing balustrades, adding glass panelling and transforming bannisters with hand-crafted elements.

Heritage or listed properties

For many, working on an older property can be troublesome, especially if it's a listed building, as there are strict rules telling you what you can and can't do. However, at Spires, our carpenters and joiners are never phased. We understand how to renovate while retaining original features and appreciate the craftsmanship of years gone by.

Bespoke staircases

If you’d rather replace your existing staircase than renovate it, we can help.

We can design, manufacture and install a bespoke staircase for your property that meets its exact specifications and has the finish you’ve always wanted. The process takes longer and costs more than staircase renovation, but it’s well worth it. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Book a consultation

All our carpentry and joinery services begin with a no-obligation consultation. During your consultation, we'll view your existing staircase and discuss what you'd like to achieve. Then, one of our specialists will provide a proposal and a fixed-price quote.

Ready to transform your existing staircase? Contact us to arrange your staircase renovation consultation.